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    • Rola portów morskich w rozwoju cruisingu na Karaibach 

      Rettinger, Renata; Urbańska, Anna (2012)
      Sea tourism brings huge profits to the Caribbean. The cruise market is set mainly for tourists coming from North America. Low travel costs, high income and the long-lasting tradition of sailing excursions are the main ...
    • Walory turystyczne wybranych regionów Spitsbergenu 

      Dolnicki, Piotr; Gawor, Łukasz (2012)
      The paper presents different attractions of Spitsbergen: geological, geomorphological and glaciological objects and processes, as well as industrial sites especially connected with coalmining, which constitute the group ...
    • Winter tourism of Davraz Mountain 

      Tokgözlü, Ahmet; Temurçin, Kadir; Uysal, Kamile (2012)
      Winter tourism comprises activities such as traveling to snowy and sloping areas in ski centers, accommodation in these areas and other services. For winter tourism, the climate is a major factor. However, a particular ...
    • Wprowadzenie [w: Studia Geographica 3] 

      Zioło, Zbigniew; Rachwał, Tomasz (2012)