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    • Funzioni del tempo presente nella strategia narrativa 

      Koman, Aleksandra (2017)
      The choice of verbal tense depends on establishing by the transmitter the relation between the moment of enunciation and the moment of reference of the message. Their coincidence means the present tense (Bertinetto). ...
    • Komedia dell’arte: między lokalnością a globalnością 

      Koman, Aleksandra (2017)
      Subject to the present review is Lokalność i mobilność kulturowa teatru. Śladami Arlekina i Pulcinelli of Ewa Bal. The author analyzes Italian dialectical theatre from a double perspective: local and global mobility of ...
    • Ofelia Pirandella: rozważania nad kobiecym szaleństwem 

      Koman, Aleksandra (2017)
      The article is devoted to an analysis of Luigi Pirandello’s drama As You Desire Me which draws inspiration from an actual event connected with questions on the identity of a person suffering from amnesia. Unlike the real ...