Recent Submissions

  • Metarysunek 

    Cader, Halina (2008)
    The article considers the original project of five drawing classes with the comments on these classes. The project was realised by a group of students in the third year who specialise in Art Education, supervised by the ...
  • Co dalej z wychowaniem plastycznym? 

    Kubiczek, Wojciech (2008)
    The text presents the problem of disregarding the teaching of artistic skills in primary schools and highlights the negative influence of this situation on the culture of society in general.
  • Grafika komputerowa – technika analogowa czy nowe medium? 

    Panasiewicz, Adam (2008)
    The text elaborates on the problem of the independence of analog and digital graphic art in the context of the traditions of printing techniques, but also in the confrontation with the development of graphic techniques ...
  • Nowe media – nowa sztuka 

    Sajduk, Marek (2008)
    The way of looking, seeing will never be the same as they were before photography was discovered. A similar revolution with our way of thinking may happen: that would be because of the hypertextual structure of the content ...
  • Technologia w kreacji artystycznej w odniesieniu do litografii 

    Zaborski, Jacek (2008)
    Lithography was a revolutionary invention. The complexity of processes and the simplicity of phenomena, as well as multiformity and naturalness of lithography has fascinated many artists. However, the specificity of ...
  • Literacka poetyka i jej filozoficzna funkcja w sztuce współczesnej na przykładzie konceptualnych projektów Ona Kawary i Romana Opałki 

    Solewski, Rafał (2008)
    The text refers to the conceptual tradition of concentrating on the intellectual transmission of a work of art looking at Joseph Kosuth’s actions as an example it points out how the manifestation of resistance to the ...
  • Przestrzeń jako środek wyrazu w rzeźbie XX wieku 

    Jeleńska-Papp, Janina (2008)
    Until the end of the 19th century, sculpture was based around the classical compositional assumptions of Greek sculpture such as: harmony, symmetry, rhythm, as well as the rules of the organic construction of a human ...
  • Symbolika w dziele rzeźbiarskim 

    Olkuska, Małgorzata (2008)
    Reflections on symbolism in sculpture concentrate on the essence of the sculptor’s symbolism of transmission of the universal, individual and personal essence. Reflections are expressed in a cross-sectional form through ...
  • Annales Academiae Paedagogicae Cracoviensis. 48. Studia de Arte et Educatione 3 

    Sobolewski, Stanisław; Solewski, Rafał; Stano, Bernadeta (Wydawnictwo Naukowe Akademii Pedagogicznej, Kraków, 2008)
    Tom trzeci studiów i refleksji o sztuce i nauczaniu, przygotowanych z okazji 25-lecia Instytutu Sztuki Akademii Pedagogicznej w Krakowie, zawiera materiały, które określiliśmy mianem drogi. To bowiem przykładowe drogi, ...